oud ethnic musical instrument


Oud, Egyptian Deluxe with Hard Case This oud has the classic tear-drop shape. The bowl and neck stave construction is accented with alternating dark and light hard woods. The three round sound holes have decorative rosette inserts (rosette and pick guard designs vary) and are trimmed with faux mother of pearl inlay. The soundboard has a light finish. There are twelve strings in six courses of two each. The bridge is fixed. The nut to bridge measures approximately 23.25 inches.


This is a beautiful instrument. Overall dimensions are approximately 32 x 14 x 8 inches. Includes hard case and pick.


SPECIAL NOTE: No Warranty on Strings.


Whether you purchase an instrument on-line or in a neighborhood store, manufacturers recommend that you change the strings on your instrument as soon as you receive it. Your instrument has completed a long journey to your home. On occasion instruments may arrive with a broken string, therefore, it is recommended that you purchase a replacement set of strings and consider changing your strings as soon as it arrives. Learning to change strings should be the first lesson learned when embarking on the journey of playing a new instrument.

oud ethnic musical instruments oud ethnic musical instrument $255.00