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EthnicStrings is the retailer of very popular and hard to find music instruments from all over the world. Have you ever had a desire to learn how to play Sitar, or maybe Saz? If you have, then you came to the right place. Our goal is to bring that unusual sound that you heard while visiting Turkey, or heard on TV, into your home. Most of our musical instruments are imported from origin country where instruments are made (Turkey, Pakistan etc.), so the quality is on a very high level.


On ethnicstrings.com you'll find most often used ethnic musical instruments throughout the world and if you can't find ethnic music instrument that you are looking for, please contact us here. We have quite a lot of music instruments that are not listed on this web site but are readily available for purchase from our catalog.


Our inventory includes following ethnic musical instruments groups: Strings (wide range of string instruments), Harps, Ouds, Saz, Sitar and Bagpipes. Of course, other music instruments like Tanpura, Ukulele, Flutes, Drums (and many more) are also available, but not listed on ethnicstrings.com. Accessories and replacement parts can be ordered by contacting us here.

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